Welcome to Dr. Barbara Moore’s Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Moore is a Pediatric Dentist in Hamburg, NY.   She makes Dentistry for Children fun, comfortable, and rewarding for every child that she cares for.  Because Dr. Moore’s office is located in Hamburg, she can provide dental care for children all over Western NY.

Something to Smile About…We are currently accepting new patients.  If you would like to make an appointment for your child please call our office today.  We will be happy to accommodate you and your child.

Parent’s Testimonials

"I know a lot of kids do not enjoy going to the dentist, but I really do! Doctor Barb actually makes it fun! It's such a friendly atmosphere and staff. Dr Barb is great at making my dental experience painless."

"I've been going to Dr. Barb since I can remember and she always makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. Moorekidssmile takes great care of my smile!"

Why Choose Us?

Pediatric Dentists

are often called the Pediatricians of Dentistry. They provide Dentistry for Children, specialize in their comprehensive and therapeutic oral health care needs. Children begin their Dental relationship by age 1 and continue through to the teenage years. They also provide Dentistry for children with a wide range of special needs.

Yes! They will with Dr. Moore!

Dr. Moore’s Dental office is Completely Kid Friendly. Her office consists of a fun play area with lots of toys and a large writing wall. Dr. Barbara Moore’s fun friendly approach to treatment makes children’s Dental Visits enjoyable.
Dr. Barbara Moore’s small and personal office prides itself on quality Dentistry for Children in a warm, caring, and fun atmosphere.

The American Academy

of Pediatrics recommends a child’s first dental visit to be by 1 year of age. Children have the most positive experiences with a Pediatric Dentist, especially on their first visits.
Dr. Barbara Moore’s strongly Focuses on Education & Prevention with every Child and Parent that comes to her Dental Office.

Dr. Moore’s Education & Experience

  • Graduated Cum Laude from University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine in 1995
  • Completed Pediatric Dental Residency at Woman’s and Children’s Hospital in 1997
  • Completed Pediatric Dental Fellowship at Woman’s and Children’s Hospital in 1998
  • Director of Mobile Dental Unit providing services to Pediatric Dental patients in Chautauqua County  1998- Present

MooreKidsSmile is now:

Help us wish Dr. Barbara Moore a CONGRATULATIONS as she retires!  MooreKidsSmile is now Lakehouse Pediatric Dentistry under the care of Dr. Amanda Torsney. Call the office with any questions or concerns. See you soon!

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